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Life Essence Clinic - Santa Cruz - Capitola, California:

Life Essence Clinic, is the premier, full scale acupuncture clinic with a locations in Capitola, CA. All services are provided by California State Licensed and diplomate National Certification Commission of Acupuncture providers. We offer the highest quality acupuncture treatments in a luxurious and relaxed setting.

TCM treatments, at our medical center, most often, last one hour. We begin with a 15-20 minute interview about your health concerns. You then lie down and very thin, sterile disposable acupuncture needles are inserted in appropriate points determined by the practitioner (the majority of patients feel no discomfort). You then rest for approximately 30 minutes while the practitioner prepares an herbal prescription (if applicable) aimed specifically to treat your imbalances and harmonize your condition. After resting for about 30 minutes, the practitioner will remove the acupuncture needles and explain how to use the prescription, and recommend dietary and possibly life-style changes. Patients with muscoskeletal complain will rest approximately 30 minutes and after the removal of the needles they will get massage/orthopedics therapy depends on their needs.

We at lifes essence will assess you as a complete person, using a sophisticated and complex system of diagnostic methods to discern patterns of disharmony and uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Our aim is more than just eliminating or alleviating your symptoms, our goal is to improve and extend your quality of life.

“… Locally we came across tuina at life’s essence in Capitola. The clinic of traditional Chinese medicine also offers acupuncture and herbology under the guidance if two stellar practitioners, yuval and einav avital. This is a dynamic little hot spot located in Capitola…”
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We accept health Insurance & Personal Injury Insurance. We also accept cash, checks, & credit cards for payment. We offers a $10 discount for Seniors(65+).


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