TCM treatments at our medical center last approximately one hour. We begin with a brief interview regarding your health concerns and history. We focus on creating a comfortable environment where you will feel inspired to participate in your healing. We use very thin, small needles in specific locations along your meridians, and let you relax for approximately half an hour with the needles in place. Most clients claim that they felt no discomfort from the needles.

While you are resting, we will prepare an herbal prescription if applicable, aimed specifically at harmonizing your condition and  treating your unique balance needs. We use essential oils and local organic herbs whenever possible. Only the highest quality herbs available are used in our clinic, and contain no heavy metals.

After about 30 minutes, we will remove the acupuncture needles, explain how to use the prescription, and recommend dietary and/or exercise routines. Patients with musculoskeletal complaints will receive massage/orthopedics therapy depending on their needs.

After the treatment is over, we suggest you drink plenty of water and relax, as your body will be processing disposal of many toxins that it has released during the treatment.

Our aim is more than just eliminating or alleviating your symptoms, our goal is to improve and extend your quality of life.

We accept health Insurance & Personal Injury Insurance. We also accept cash, checks, & credit cards for payment. We offers a $10 discount for Seniors (65+).

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