Children most often come in because of colds, flus, ear infections, tonsillitis and swollen glands. In Western medicine, when a child has tonsillitis the tonsils are often removed. Although we value Western medicine’s approach here as a last resort, we believe that other methods should be employed first.

We also treat many children for issues such as sprains and injuries, emotional trauma, asthma, allergies, digestion problems¬†(constipation or diarrhea),¬†and more. Please call and ask us if you aren’t sure.

We use a combination of special local pediatric formulas, tuina massage, and acupuncture. It is common for children to become afraid of needles when they reach a certain age, but the babies often love the acupuncture we provide with our child-sized, sterile, one-use needles. Most of the treatment for pediatrics involve acupuncture and Tuina Massage that is very effective on babies.

Just like in adults, we want to get to the root of the reason why your child is experiencing these illnesses, so that the chance of reoccurrence is diminished.