Kind Words

A Healthy and Mindful Pregnancy

March 2013

Einav has a great Bradley class that my husband and I would highly recommend to pregnant couples. It was a wonderful resource for keeping a healthy and mindful pregnancy, learning all about the birthing process, and creating camaraderie with a lovely bunch of people. I also received acupuncture from Einav and felt safe and well taken care of by her capable hands. Thanks Einav!

Megan Alexander Batista

Thank You Einav

August, 2012

Dear Einav, thank you so much for the Bradley classes and my post-delivery home visit and treatment. We were so happy to have the natural birth that we wanted. She is so healthy and we are grateful to have gone into the labor process with so much preparation.

Thanks again, Julie Anthony and Lula, Santa Cruz

Pregnancy & Newborn

June, 2013

I first starting seeing Einav when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. I had never received acupuncture before and was a little nervous about what to expect, but Einav was so warm and friendly that I felt comfortable right away. The treatments I got from her always left me feeling calm and extremely relaxed. She is well knowledged on pregnancy and how to help treat any ailments I was having- including nauseous, loss of appetite, low energy, soreness or pain, stress, or even if I felt like I was coming down with a cold. When we found out my baby was not head down she gave me treatments that would help and also suggested things I could do on my own at home to help encourage the baby to turn. Any feelings or concerns I brought to her were always met with a smile and a treatment and conversation that would set me back to feeling good and confident, physically and emotionally. We had taken a Bradley Method birthing class from her also, because we loved the idea of a natural birth. The class really educated us as to what my body was going to do and why and how we could work together with my husband as my coach. We practiced exercises and relaxation techniques and learned so much more than I thought we would have. We felt so well informed about giving birth which helped us to feel confident in trying for a natural birth. We were also lucky enough to have Einav with us for the later part of my labor. She was very helpful with acupressure points to help move the baby into the right position to move down. We were beyond thankful to have her encouragement, extra support and positive energy at that time! She also helped us communicate with the nursing staff and doctor. We had a long labor and needed some pitocin to help move things along faster, but we managed to have a natural birth like we had hoped for! After our baby was born I came back to see her with a mild case of thrush, not only did I get a treatment but my baby did also! And she loved it! I will definitely continue to call Einav with any questions or help I or my baby might need, and will see her again through my future pregnancies and would recommend her to anyone!! We absolutely loved her!!

Kristina and Toby Salciccia

Healing And Well Being

June, 2012

I would highly recommend Yuval or Enav Avital to other people who are seeking a 360 degree approach at healing and wellbeing. Not only are they highly intelligent and experienced, they are kind, empathetic, funny and know when to deliver a bit of tough love as well. They are continually seeking new information and techniques to help their patients…but it feels more like a partnership or family rather than a clinical doctor-patient relationship. I was diagnosed with RA probably about 17 years ago and I have been on a healing and pain management quest ever since. At one point, I was unable to lift a plate, turn a door knob, or walk more than a couple of blocks because the pain/ swelling in my feet, hands, and elbow were so bad. A Western doctor said that I would be in a wheelchair if I did not take the Western pharmaceuticals. For me, acupuncture, Chinese medicine along with yoga has been a saving grace. I would say that the approach at Life’s Essence has reduced 90 to 95% of my symptoms and pain. Under Yuval’s care, we have been able to reduce the pain and swelling in my body and improve my immune system. I am a functional human being who can pick up plate, be athletic, and I rarely get sick anymore. He takes in the whole picture into account in regards to what’s going on emotionally, physically and mentally then adjusts his approach to maximize the wellbeing of his patients. I feel fortunate to have him engaged in my health, wellbeing and pain management. My elbow is now straightening that use to be frozen in a bent position. I wasn’t sure if that could happen again…but leave it to Yuval…he will find a way if he can. I no longer have issues with my neck and he has reduced my overall pain and increased my daily quality of life. Thank you Yuval for your unwavering motivation, overall care, and helping me to be the healthiest person I can be.

With sincere gratitude and increased flexibility, Kristen

March 17, 2010

The foot ointment Yuval gave me worked really well. My foot fungus is gone! I have also lost five pounds following the diet Yuval recommended. Thanks so much for all your help Lifes Essence!

L, Santa Cruz

No More Migraines

December 12, 2009

Dear Yuval, At this time of Thanksgiving I want to give you thanks for for being a help and support to me this year. I was feeling pretty exhausted when I came to see you in January and now I am a lot stronger with no more migraines!

Thank you. K, Santa Cruz

Arthritis Relief

May 14, 2009

Did you know that arthritis is often times linked to food allergies and sensitivities? I did not, and neither did any of the four doctors I went to before I went to meet with Yuval at Life’s Essence. I went to Yuval after being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. This is a pretty severe autoimmune condition and after hearing the doctors tell me I had this and then reading about the prognosis, I was very depressed. I went to Yuval with severe back pain, so bad that when I walked people often thought I had a physical birth defect or severe injury. I wasn’t sleeping because of the pain and I had had chronic Diarrhea for several years. While Tuina Massage was sometimes very uncomfortable I began to see results almost immediately. The acupuncture also really seemed to make a difference. The hardest part of the treatment was taking Yuval’s advice on foods to avoid and giving up alcohol which I had been using to manage the pain and caffeine to recover from not sleeping. After two years of seeing Yuval the symptoms I had are about 90% better. The back pain is gone and If I have diarrhea I can almost always trace it back to a meal I ate. This gives me a lot of peace of mind because I feel that my health is something I have a bit of control over. Before my treatment spondylitis was something that the doctors pretty much told me was only going to get worse. I am so glad I went Life’s Essence for a second opinion. The entire experience has been a real journey. I have read so many books and web pages to learn more about A.S. and health in general. Though my understanding get deeper, it all goes along with the simple solutions Yuval offered.

J Santa Cruz, CA