Hendrickson Massage

Hendrickson Method (HM) is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy that combines a remarkable new method of massage called wave mobilization® with joint mobilization and muscle energy technique (MET).

Hendrickson Method is suitable therapy for most orthopedic conditions acute and chronic, including low back and neck pain, hip degeneration, and rotator cuff injuries. It goes beyond just temporarily alleviating symptoms to help the body achieve optimum function. Everyone from infants to the elderly can enjoy receiving a gentle session that provides pain-relief and functional rehabilitation.

The results can be profound:

  • Significant relief from pain
  • Dramatically enhanced range of motion
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Extraordinary relaxation

The Hendrickson Method is a system of functional rehabilitation. It addresses the source of pain, most commonly the joints and surrounding soft-tissue. HM helps strengthen weak muscles, relaxes chronically tight muscles and reduces trigger-points in a pain-free way. It promotes growth of new cells, stimulates fluid production inside the joints and improves function of the nervous system. It provides long-term benefits by bringing the body back to optimum function, which is far more beneficial than just treating symptoms.

Wave Mobilization® is a unique method of massage created by Dr. Hendrickson and is patterned after an ocean wave. The strokes are repeated in rhythmic oscillations, while gently rocking the body. This has a profound influence on the nervous system, inducing deep relaxation, as well as dissolving adhesions and reintroducing normal motion in the soft tissue.

Muscle Energy Technique is an advanced system of therapy, which involves the client gently resisting pressure from the therapist. It helps reprogram involuntary tension in the muscles and normalize the nervous system. It can also effectively reduce swelling, lengthen shortened tissue, and strengthen weakened muscles.

Joint Mobilization stimulates fluid exchange in the joints to reduce soft tissue pain that is often involved in loss of range of motion. Mobilizing the joints in rhythmic oscillations repairs and regenerates, normalizes neurological function, decreases swelling and reduces pain.