Bradley Method

Bradley-MethodThe Bradley Method is a method of increasing self-awareness. You will learn how to deal with the stress of labor and find what is most comfortable for you and your partner. What makes this method so unique is the emphasis on your partner as the coach for your labor.

The Bradley Method teaches:

  1. Natural childbirth, which means avoidance of all drugs and interventions unless medically necessary.
  2. Excellent nutrition, the foundation of healthy pregnancy.
  3. Many different relaxation techniques, including massage.
  4. Physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth.
  5. How to handle unexpected situations such as emergency cesarean or out of hospital birth.
  6. Post-partum care of mother and child.

Parents take responsibility for the entire pregnancy and birth as informed consumers of the obstetrical service. Classes are 12 weeks long, during which time the mother is in training for a major endurance event, labor and birth, and the partner is in training to coach her through it. Instead of seeking to control the sensations of labor with distraction methods, you will learn exactly what will be happening in your body so that you can trust your body to do what it’s made to do. Using natural breathing combined with many different relaxation techniques, you and your coach will find what works best for you.

This is an incredibly empowering program, and should not be missed by any expecting family.

Learn more about the Bradley Method by visiting the founder’s website >>