About Us

Life’s Essence Clinic is a full scale acupuncture clinic located in Capitola, CA. All services are provided by California State Licensed providers. We offer the highest quality acupuncture treatments in a luxurious and relaxed setting.

Life’s Essence owners Einav and Yuval Avital are licensed Acupuncturists certified by the California Acupuncture Board to practice acupuncture and Chinese Herbology in the state of California. They are also Diplomats of Oriental Medicine certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. They both hold Masters Degrees from Five Branches Institute of Chinese Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTCM), and obtained education as  Orthopedic Acupuncturist  of Lerner’s Education of Orthopedics at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, which specialized in primary care as it relates to musculoskeletal disorders.

“…Locally, we came across Tuina at Life’s Essence in Capitola. The clinic of traditional chinese medicine also offers acupuncture under the guidance of two stellar practitioners, Yuval and Einav Avital. This is a dynamic little hot spot…”

–GA, Good Times Weekly

Yuval-thumbnailYuval Avital L.Ac Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM) DNBAO HMP 
Acupuncturist , Herbalist, Hendrickson method practitioner  & Tuina Massage Therapist specialized in Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Yuval is a Pain Relief Specialist, and works with people of all walks of life, from athletes to office workers, who are experiencing dysfunction and pain in their bodies. His work is so effective at healing the root cause of pain because of his breadth of experience and methodology. In addition to using acupuncture for healing, Yuval also integrates Tuina massage, medical Qi gong, and Hendrickson therapy into his practice. He believes that an illness  comes from a combination of two or more  of  five factors: diet , stress, trauma, environment, genetics. Yuval believes that finding the root of the illness and treating it is the essence of medicine. In order to do so, Yuval is using a wide spectrum of tools including sending the patients to take blood tests for allergy or hormone imbalances, working closely with the patient’s physicians, naturopath doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers.

This is especially unique, as many acupuncturists do not integrate multiple practices in such a way. Yuval is the only acupuncturist in the area who uses the Hendrickson method in his healing. His experience and education have led him to deep insights and highly creative healing methods, and he has enjoyed wide success in relieving patient pain and assisting bodies in healing.

Yuval’s specialties have given him particular success in healing orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues, which include but are not limited to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic shoulder and joint pain, tendinitis, tennis elbow, sprains, muscle strains, traumatic injuries, sciatica and disc/nerve pinching.

Yuval’s unique approach also supports the individual’s power to engender their own health. He empowers his patients with professional advice detailing exercise and dietary actions they can follow to effectively prevent further injury in the future.

Einav-thumbnailEinav Avital L.Ac Dipl O.M (NCCAOM) AAHCC Acupuncturist & Herbalist specialized in Women’s Health & Pediatrics. Bradley Method child birth educator.

Einav is a member of The Birth Point of Santa Cruz, which is a group of licensed acupuncturists that specialize in healthy pregnancies and are on call for inducing labor.
She is also a part of the Birth Network of Santa Cruz County.

In addition to her studies in medicine, Einav also graduated from the University of Haifa, Israel with a bachelors degree in social work, specializing in individual and family supportive counseling services. After having her first baby at home, with the help of her husband as a coach in the Bradley method, Einav decided to become a certified Bradley method teacher. Since 2004 Einav has helped many couples achieve the birth they wanted, attending many births as a certified Duala, an acupuncturist and as an assistant to a home birth midwife, Veronica Wagner.

Einav has studied with a renowned midwife and acupuncturist, Raven Lang, in the treatment of women’s health during pregnancy and postpartum. Einav provides care for women during pregnancy (morning sickness, hip and back pain, mood swings, etc.) labor and post-partum period care (lactation problems, breast infections, depression, anemia and more). She offers complementary care while working closely with obstetric health care providers.

Einav is also a pediatric practitioner. She uses a unique Tuina massage technique and pediatric formulas designed especially for children. Her skills enable her to diagnose and successfully treat fever, ear infections, cold and flu, skin diseases, digestion problems and more.